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Welcome to Rikas Medical, a Multinational Centre of Reproductive Technologies based in Ukraine, and thank you for your interest!
For many couples having a baby just is not possible without the help and kindness of others. In our initial years of operation, several surrogate babies were born and we continue to offer kind support and cordial advice to women who wish to act as egg donors as surrogates within our egg donation and surrogacy programmes, and to couples who wish to meet them once a fertility problem is detected. You have taken the first step to becoming happy parents by means of assisted reproduction. We try to give every couple optimal treatment and care in the process and therefore we are the point of reference both at a national and European level in the field of assisted reproduction, both for couples wishing to have a child and for women who can cordially help them on this way.
At Rikas Medical, we work with our co-operative physicians in the most prominent clinics throughout Ukraine, and we unite their passion with state-of-the-art technology and rigorous controls to ensure that the programmes we bring to you are of the highest European quality.

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Our mission

Welcome to Rikas Medical, a Multinational Centre of Reproductive Technologies based in Ukraine. Rikas Medical was founded by well-known experts in their respective areas who agreed to merge their efforts to pursue their common goal to build the leading positions in assisted reproduction in Ukraine. We focus on egg donation and surrogacy programmes. Together with our staff of experienced and caring professionals, we are dedicated to helping couples to build their families through state-of-the-art technology.

Our mission is to support couples with their family creation through high-grade and honest approach by merging our diverse team efforts to pursue a common goal with constant improvement of our knowledge, skills and experience!

Ukraine’s convenient location, no visa requirement, most loyal legislation for egg donation and surrogacy programmes allows us to coordinate and influence medical, travel and legal procedures related to fertility treatments through egg donation and surrogacy programmes we offer to intended parents, egg donors and surrogates from all around the Globe. On top of that, proper selection of egg donors and surrogate mothers for egg donation and surrogacy programmes, years of operational experience in medical tourism, legal services and psychological support are also our strong points.

Our offering

Our goal is always to give intended parents an opportunity to experience happiness of motherhood and fatherhood. Rikas Medical, a Multinational Centre of Reproductive Technologies based in Ukraine, offers a package of informational and organizational arrangements to solve medical issues in the field of assisted reproduction for the couples using the IVF method of fertility treatments (including programmes using egg donation and surrogacy), and consultations of leading experts within the “Second opinion” programme.
To this end, we continuously develop our core knowledge in egg donation and surrogacy, and also competencies throughout our team.
We have achieved genuine trust and boundless gratitude from many couples. Modern assisted reproduction, egg donation and surrogacy, among which in particular there is in vitro fertilization (IVF), with or without egg donation, give every couple the opportunity to have their genetically own child. Surrogacy is “the last stand” within fertility treatments, so we do offer one in case of need.
Every moment children are born in different parts of the planet. They have different skin color, different ethnic origin, different fate, but all of them have something in common: their mothers’ eyes – tender, shining, sparkling with happiness. Is there any word in our language sweeter and open for a child, than “mom”- the word that all of us come into this world with? Rikas Medical is able to fulfill the dreams of intended parents no matter where they are located! Assisted reproduction helps those who are unable to have children on their own to become happy parents.

Why do people choose us?

The emotional and psychological impact of infertility can be extremely difficult. While one in three couples in Ukraine encounter fertility problems, each person is unique in terms of the support, care and fertility treatments they require. Choosing the right IVF & Fertility centre can be confusing and valuable time and money sometimes can be wasted on fertility treatment centers that do not have the specific knowledge or expertise to explore all options fully.

After multiple requests from our patients who were looking for the proper and efficient treatment for their fertility issues, we have prepared this fertility guide to help you find the right way in your fertility treatment process...
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