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As a fertility service provider which focuses on Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), it has been our privilege to work with a large number of patients during our years of practice. Infertility is definitely a psychologically distressing event. Although medical progress in treating infertility continues to be astounding, the toll that infertility may take on the couple’s or a woman’s emotional and physical well-being could be extreme. Our patients also are good teachers. We hope that by sharing with you our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section we will help you find answers to some of the most frequent questions that you are asked, which should help you navigate through your journey of evaluation and management of infertility.

Not so long ago, some couple asked us to recommend a resource that would answer all of their fundamental questions regarding infertility. They wanted one that was up-to-date, comprehensive, and truly honest concerning the success of various treatment approaches. However, most importantly, they wanted a source to steer them through their journey and to help them make their choices. They wanted the details, presented in an understandable and logical way.

When they were attending a conference call with us, we went online and looked for such a resource, the one that would meet their demands. There have been a variety of resources on infertility, but hardly any of them was “the” resource. Therefore, we told them about one resource that may answer some of their questions, and about another one to answer other questions, and so on. However, neither of us was particularly pleased with this action plan.
Many of our clients get most their information from the Internet, which is fine in the event that the details are accurate. Regrettably, that is frequently not the case. Some studies have proven that more than half of the medical information obtained online is not correct, also such incorrect information has the capacity to spread online very rapidly, for example via popular free public message boards or social networks.

In the case when you receive treatment from a physician properly trained in infertility, you have a good chance of becoming a parent. Regrettably, that doctor frequently might not have time to reply to every single question you may have and to look into all possible aspects of your particular case.

The aim of this FAQ section is to provide you with the important information that might be important in your case. Knowing the fundamentals about infertility, you should use time together with your doctor to get key information: What is your diagnosis? What is your plan for treatment? How exactly does your doctor intend to increase the chances that you will effectively conceive?
Make use of this FAQ as a weapon against your infertility. We feel that infertility patients may benefit from studying this well written and comprehensive FAQ section. In addition, please keep in mind that in infertility treatment plans it is always better to have an opinion of a second doctor concerning your particular case.

With our sincere wishes for good reading and promising results!

January 1, 2017
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