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"Assisted reproduction is a complex, emotional and costly journey but well worth the end result. The exact steps really depend on what your particular situation is."

Some helpful practical and legal tips

Assisted reproduction is a complex, emotional and costly journey but well worth the end result.
The process is a confusing one and the exact steps really depend on what your particular situation is. For example, the steps for a husband and a wife who want to use their own genetic material may differ from intended parents who want to obtain an egg and/or sperm from a different party.
Generally speaking, this process involves selection of an agency, picking an IVF & Fertility clinic, selection of an egg donor, selection of a surrogate mother, IVF treatment, fertilizing of an eggs, implanting an embryo in a surrogate mother, and finally, after spending up some budget, the birth of the child. This short description makes it sound much easier than it is, but rest assured that emotions run high during each step and all along the way you are required to make difficult decisions and draft and negotiate complicated arrangements between various parties.
Gestational surrogacy, as in the above-described example, will usually cost over $125,000 in the U.S., so some couples consider gestational surrogacy in other countries. Many of them consider Ukraine where the cost of gestational surrogacy (including IVF treatment) is approximately $35,000 - $45,000.
Initially we considered Ukraine and spent a great deal of time speaking with and working with several leading IVF & Fertility clinics in Ukraine in regards of IVF treatment. As a result, we realize our IVF treatment programmes in Ukraine based on TOP IVF & Fertility clinics in the country. Still have questions? Contact us today and let us help you with your needs.

Third-party reproduction

The phrase “third-party reproduction” refers to the use of eggs, sperm, or embryos that have been donated by a third party (donor) to enable an infertile individual or couple (intended recipient) to become happy parents. In Ukraine, donors must be anonymous by law to the intended recipient. Third-party reproduction also includes gestational surrogate mother arrangement. Gestational surrogacy refers to an IVF treatment in which embryos created by the intended parents are transferred into the surrogate mother’s uterus, which has been prepared hormonally to carry a pregnancy. The gestational surrogate mother has no genetic link to the fetus she is carrying. Despite the requirement for IVF treatment to create embryos, the utilization of a gestational surrogacy, legally speaking, is a low-risk procedure and is the only one approach conducted in Ukraine.

Third-party reproduction is a complex process requiring consideration of social, ethical, and legal issues. The increased use of egg donation has required a reconsideration of the social and ethical impact this technology has had on intended parents, their offspring, and the egg donors themselves. Although IVF treatment and gestational surrogacy has been acknowledged widely within the reproductive medicine community, it nevertheless remains controversial and is subject to both legal and psychosocial scrutiny.

The options available through third-party reproduction provide many couples the opportunity to make their dream of parenthood a reality. The comprehensive nature of the screening and counseling of intended parents and their donors or surrogate mothers ensures that the IVF treatment meets the needs of all involved. Finally, as third-party reproduction is more widely used, there continues to be a broader understanding of the ethical, moral, and legal issues involved. The ultimate goal of physicians, MHPs and attorneys specializing in reproductive law is to enable the IVF treatment to move forward as smoothly as possible and bring joy and satisfaction to all parties involved in ensuring the conception and delivery of a healthy child.

Beginning the process

In order to begin the process of making an application for an IVF treatment and gestational surrogacy arrangement, you will need to attend the following appointments in this sequence, prior to making application to the patient review panel. A description of what to expect at each appointment is provided below.

Which programme may be right for you?

  • Initial Care

    Our goal is for you to have one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Intended parents create fertilized embryos through IVF treatment. These embryos are cultivated in a lab and are transferred into the intended mother’s uterus.

    Special Offer: 4,900

    Initial Care

    IVF treatment helps infertile couples achieve pregnancy. During the IVF treatment, eggs are removed from the ovaries, fertilized with sperm in the lab and allowed to grow before being inserted back in the woman’s uterus. IVF treatment is used when medical conditions prevent the sperm from reaching the egg due to blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, or if a man has low sperm quantity or quality, which reduces the chance of fertilization. Within the “Initial Care“ programme, one cycle will be covered, though multiple cycles may be necessary.

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  • Care Plus

    Egg donation helps build families for people who are unable to have children on their own. People choose egg donation for different reasons – some have a history of infertility, while others pursuing IVF treatment and egg donation in common.

    Special Offer: 8,900

    Care Plus

    Depending on your needs, you may require an egg donor to help build your family. In addition, fortunately, there are incredible women who want to give the gift of life, helping a couple start a family. In general, the cost of the program includes all agency fees, lawyer fees, screening, egg donor fees, and medical expenses. In general, experienced egg donors typically receive a higher fee. We are connecting intended parents and egg donors whose matches are based on legal needs, personality, shared values, and personal views; the egg donor you select is by law anonymous.

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  • Super Care

    Gestational surrogacy allows couples from a variety of locations throughout the Globe, backgrounds and ages, to build families and to become parents. Unlike many countries, Ukraine allows compensated surrogacy, and this process requires medical and legal expertise.

    Special Offer: 39,900

    Super Care

    Gestational surrogacy currently allowed in Ukraine is an arrangement in which a woman carries a child to term for intended parents who cannot have children on their own. Intended parents create fertilized embryos through IVF treatment, with the assistance of an egg donor or sperm donor. These embryos are cultivated in a lab and transferred into the surrogate mother’s uterus. Gestational surrogate mothers have no genetic relationship to the children they carry. Working with us provides you with full service support and guidance throughout the entire process.

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  • Super Prestige

    We are proud to provide you with “all-inclusive” Success Guarantee Plan – starting from meeting you at Kiev Boryspil airport, and finalizing with a newborn delivery at maternity home. We feel that it is important to achieve your dreams of starting a family.

    Special Offer: 48,900

    Super Prestige

    The highly affordable programme is used to offer Success Guarantee Plan, which includes egg retrieval, fresh transfer, embryo freezing and frozen transfers of any remaining frozen embryos until you take home your baby. On top of that, bundled insurance package is included into the cost also (in case of an insured event, there are no extra costs). Our team handles all aspects of the programme 24x7: matching, screening, legal work, and social work support. We handle any issues that may arise by offering dedicated support to enhance your experience.

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Ready to explore the possibilities of becoming a parent?

Our goal is to make matches that meet the legal, personal, and emotional needs of intended parents, surrogate mothers and egg donors. We conduct consultations, screenings, and meetings. We ask you what you are looking for in a gestational surrogacy journey. We review questionnaires, applications, and psychological testing. In addition, only when we believe we have found a good fit, we send out profiles. If you and your proposed gestational surrogate mother wish to work together, we put you in touch to get to know each other.
We strongly believe that open and honest relationships are crucial to the success of your gestational surrogacy journey, so it is important for you and your surrogate mother to be comfortable working together. We also encourage intended parents to build relationships with their surrogate mothers. Doing so makes the process more rewarding for everyone involved. Rikas Medical also believes in the importance of egg donation, which makes the process more fulfilling for everyone involved.
We thoroughly screen our intended parents, surrogate mothers and egg donors to ensure that all parties share the same values and commitment. We firmly believe that an open and honest approach results in a more rewarding journey. Our goal is for you to have one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.
If you are ready to move forward, please simply fill out the form below - your journey begins here!

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