Online Surrogacy Database

Online Surrogacy Database

Rikas Medical is glad to announce the launch of its online surrogacy database with dozens of egg donors, sperm donors, or surrogate mothers from Ukraine with respective profile descriptions and pictures. The address of the online surrogacy database is
As you can see on our website, we will be managing the whole program for you from the beginning until the end – so in case of surrogacy for instance with us the story does not end with egg donor/surrogates selection and IVF. We will be closely supervising your fertility treatment plan continuously from your arrival until the baby is born and the birth certificate is delivered.
If you are thinking about using fertility treatments such as surrogacy or embryo donation, egg donation, or sperm donation in order to have a baby, this online surrogacy database is definitely an invaluable, one-stop resource. This online surrogacy database along with a comprehensive patient guide can show the first steps to make for individuals searching to have a child via third-party reproduction, supplying more information about “third parties” themselves, as well as preparation information for local and international parents.

Third-party reproduction in many cases is the only option on your way to getting the kid you want. It encompasses a really complicated and convoluted mixture of various questions, and situations. That is why this online surrogacy database is so essential for anybody thinking about egg donation, sperm donation, or surrogacy – not because we have the majority of the answers, or perhaps the majority of the questions asked there, but because we can answer on demand the questions specific to your situation and third-party reproduction is really a complicated area where parties need guidance, no matter at which stage you are in your journey.

On this online surrogacy database, you will be able to select an egg donors, sperm donors, or surrogates taking into account your individual phenotypic criteria. In order to see all the details you will need to register on the online surrogacy database using the “Login” button in the left upper corner of the screen. Once your registration in confirmed (which will happen within 24 hours), you will be able to use all functions of the online surrogacy database at any time.
Please note that the online surrogacy database includes profiles of the egg donors, sperm donors, or surrogates with whom we have been working. If you do not find there a candidate that matches your individual criteria, or have any questions, please inform us via E-mail (Send E-mail) and we will find for you the candidate of your choice and will guide you through the process. The list of candidate profiles of the online surrogacy database is constantly updated – so you might want to check it occasionally to see which profiles have been added.
To be certain, this online surrogacy database is simply a starting point for anybody thinking about getting a kid through In vitro fertilization (IVF), surrogacy, and/or embryo-, sperm-, and egg donation. This online surrogacy database can be used as a starting point on intended parents’ journey to getting the kid they have always wanted, or you can use it as a directory to find proper donors or surrogates, who indeed will help you to become happy parents.
You might not necessarily consider third party reproduction as the preferred way to go, but in many cases this remains the only option, and by using this online surrogacy database, as well as our website, patients can educate themselves by understanding the details, understanding the laws and regulations, and knowing the pros and cons of every option before making the choice for their fertility treatment.
Most significantly, make use of this online surrogacy database like an aid to discover what may happen before the journey starts – and make sure you maintain positivity and optimism!

You can Login to your online surrogacy database account with your credentials by simply pressing the button below.

After multiple requests from our patients who were looking for the proper and efficient treatment for their fertility issues, we have prepared this fertility guide to help you find the right way in your fertility treatment process...
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