Rikas IVF Guide

Rikas IVF Guide

As the population of the planet grows every year, so does our desire to find our place in this world. Will we even have an opportunity to bring a child into the world to create our family? And what about the future?
Our families include both our children and our parents, but as many as 10 - 15% of people of childbearing age throughout the world suffer from infertility now. Prior, before the era of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), these people had no chance to have biological children of their own. Most of them were consequently shocked, but even more determined to solve the issue.
Many of us know the name given to the world’s first test-tube baby, Louise Brown, who was delivered by Caesarean section in the Oldham and District General Hospital, near Manchester, on July 25th, 1978. The doctors in charge of that momentous event even were not universally acclaimed.

How the situation has evolved…

And in Ukraine, IVF and other methods, collectively known as “Assisted Reproductive Technologies” (ARTs), were at the forefront of the country’s booming fertility tourism industry, offering Westerners “first world” fertility care at “third world” cost.

Indeed, the key to Ukraine’s ART sector are surrogate mothers, a number of women who seek to pay off debts, build families and homes, educate their children or simply buy food for their families by “renting out” their wombs. Ukraine’s ART community made its debut on the world stage in 1991, announcing the birth of the first child in the USSR who was born through artificial insemination – Ekaterina Kuleva was the child’s name, and she celebrates her 25th anniversary nowadays.

That story opened many further opportunities, followed by the growth of the surrogacy sector, as one of the key fertility treatment programs today. Previously, there were waiting lists of intended parents from Ukraine and abroad seeking IVF and surrogacy assistance to have the long awaited children. Currently, Ukraine’s legislation only allows gestational surrogacy for heterosexual couples with a real fertility issues, and only accepts surrogates who are young, have no vices like alcohol, smoking and drugs, in a good health, and with at least one own child that was born naturally. The surrogate must be able to handle the pregnancy and birth, and to minimize the risks of a close emotional link growing between herself and the newborn baby.
Besides, the wellbeing of surrogate mother is a fundamental question. Before they are admitted into the program, potential surrogate mothers are visited in their homes by advisors who need to ensure that their husbands (if they are married) and families are supportive, and they are later placed in nearby apartments during their pregnancy.
There is, obviously, some discussion concerning the use of impoverished Ukrainian women by wealthy foreign couples, but we insist that every such a program is a “win-win” solution.
The treatment model is certainly simple – the perfect “one-stop shop”. Couples arrive to a fertility clinic for a visit during which ovulation is stimulated, eggs retrieved and fertilized with the sperm, and embryos are cultivated and transferred in the surrogate’s womb. Sometimes, intended parents come back to see the progress of the pregnancy, and they certainly come for the delivery of the baby.
And for one person at least, a key result of that legal and ethical work in progress should be clear, once surrogacy results in the birth of healthy babies to couples with fertility problems.
Because of such steps, Ukraine now has many fertility clinics, and a comparatively high birth rate, comparable with that of any other country in the Western world.

Finally, we are the constructors – putting together with care the various equipment, technologies, people and other resources required to do the task. Like constructors, we put together the pieces you need to make a home and happy family!

The rest is your choice! And the Rikas IVF Guide below will give you the tools you need to reach that calmer state of mind.

After multiple requests from our patients who were looking for the proper and efficient treatment for their fertility issues, we have prepared this fertility guide to help you find the right way in your fertility treatment process...
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